I am not a homeopath. I have not had a miraculous cure from homeopathy (although my dog did many times) So why have I persisted with this film? Because I really believe it is a David and Goliath story. My entire career I have fought for the underdog. This is something that has animated my being for as long as I can remember.

In my first profession I was a sign language interpreter where I was, literally, giving deaf people a voice. Now that I am a filmmaker, I have continued that thread.

Homeopathy has been maligned and misrepresented for 200 years. All I am trying to do with this film, Just One Drop, is give homeopathy a voice, a voice that continues to be misinterpreted.

I also work as an editor for a major NY hospital where I create videos showing modern healthcare at it’s best. Modern healthcare has saved many lives. But, there are many chronic conditions where it fails.

I want JUST ONE DROP to open up a dialogue, get people talking to each other, asking questions, and sharing information. My ultimate dream is to have homeopathy available as a health care option for everyone and be integrated into healthcare systems around the world.

This is a film that goes beyond just homeopathy. It is about freedom of choice in healthcare. 

Laurel Chiten