We have received 100’s of emails asking “When will JUST ONE DROP come to my hometown?” If you live in Australia, NZ, USA, Canada, Ireland or the UK that answer is now entirely up to you!  

JUST ONE DROP was made to be shown in a group and get people talking! Answer questions, clarify misconceptions, and get a buzz going about homeopathy! For this reason, the film is not yet available for home viewing.  No home DVD’s or streaming yet. 

WHY HOST A SCREENING? This is a fantastic opportunity to:

  • Raise awareness and connect to your community.
  • Build your network and your business. 
  • Use it as a fundraiser for your organization.
  • Share your passion.

We are partnering with Fan-Force (in Australia, NZ, Canada, Ireland & UK) and GATHR (in the US) to help you host a screening of JUST ONE DROP  in a movie theatre.

Hosting a screening is easy: just pick the date, time, and theatre or venue of your choice and they will set everything up for you. And guess what? You don't have to pay for anything.  No hire fees, no booking fees. All you have to do is promote the screening and get people to buy tickets in advance.

Don't want to host a screening in a movie theatre? No problem. You can have a screening at any venue of your choosing as long as it has good picture and sound. 

These kind of theatrical community screenings are currently only available in Australia, NZ, USA, Canada, Ireland and the UK.

Do you want the filmmaker to attend your screening? Please write to us directly: justonedropfilm@gmail.com

Running time: 67 minutes

Just One Drop may not end the controversy but it will help more people find a solution for many chronic conditions that conventional medicine has no answer for.  Just One Drop deserves a wide audience in a time with an increasing need for better health care solutions.
– The Optimist Daily