How does it work?

Choose the theater, date and time you want. Gathr takes care of all the logistics. Once your request has been approved, you’ll get an email confirming you as a “Movie Captain”, and you’ll receive a link to begin.

Reach out to your network and share your passion. Sell enough tickets in advance and your screening is green lit! If you don’t sell enough by the deadline, the no one is charged and the screening is cancelled. No risk to anyone! So, roll up your sleeves and start filling those seats!

Grab your popcorn and enjoy the screening with your community that you made happen! Make your screening an event to be remembered!

Want to get get paid for hosting a screening?

Gathr Pay® is a new initiative that allows Movie Captains to earn $2 per ticket sold. NOTE: If you choose GathrPay, it limits your choice of theatres. If you do not care about making money, then choose Captain a Screening withOUT GathrPay.

Your local theatre not listed?

Let the GATHR team know and see if they can work with that venue.

Do you want the filmmaker to come to your event? 

GREAT NEWS!  We have a sponsor offering to cover all travel and accommodations for screenings in the USA and Canada. Our schedule is getting packed so contact us ASAP if you want the filmmaker to attend your screening.

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