USA Screenings

We have partnered with Gathr Films ® to do a special Theatrical On Demand release.

Go to their website on the link provided below and pick the date, time, and theatre of your choice and Gathr will do the rest. 
All you have to do is promote the screening and get people to buy tickets in advance. 

You are our amplifiers to help the film reach all corners of the USA. Big cities, small towns, let's spread the word about homeopathy everywhere! 

Running time: 67 minutes. 



How does it work?

Step 1. You set a day, time & preferred cinema to screen JUST ONE DROP. Gathr organizes the event with the cinema.

Step 2. You invite people to the screening. Promote your screening like crazy – using social media and the tools we provide for you.

Step 3. When enough tickets are reserved the screening goes ahead. If it doesn’t get the numbers required you can try again later but no one loses any money.

How much does it cost to host a screening?

Nothing!  No hire fees, no booking fees. It is free for you!

Once your request has been approved, you’ll get an email confirming you as a Movie Captain, and you’ll receive a link to begin.

JUST ONE DROP will come to your community only if enough tickets are sold in advance. So, roll up your sleeves and start filling those seats and make your screening an event to be remembered!

Your local indie theatre not listed?

Let the GATHR team know and see if they can work with that venue.

Don't want to host a screening in a movie theatre?

No problem. You can have a screening at any venue of your choosing as long as it has good picture and sound. Write to the folks at GATHR

Do you want the filmmaker to come to your event? 

GREAT NEWS!  We have a sponsor offering to cover all travel and accommodations for screenings in the USA and Canada. You just have to pay a speaker's fee. Our schedule is getting packed so contact us ASAP if you want the filmmaker to attend your screening.

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