Links go live
Monday, April 27th @9:00 am
Ends Sunday, April 29th @midnight (NYC time)

Can be viewed from all over the world! 

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Vimeo link for the full film program:
Here is the password:HAWJODprogram

Link for the UK/Europe Q&A:
Here is the password: HAWUK

Link for the North American Q&A
Here is the password: HAWNorthAmerica

Link for the Australian Q&A
Here is the password: HAWAus

This is are links for you. Feel free to watch the film with family and friends.

Bear in mind that I am not a big company or a corporation and I don't have financial backing. I am just me, an independent filmmaker on a mission. If you do share the link with your friends and/or colleagues, I encourage you to ask them to give a small donation. All contributions help me continue to reach more people with this film. Now enjoy the show!